As part of our ongoing commitment to reduce our environmental impact, we’re moving towards exclusively using FSC certified paper stocks. As well as helping to improve the environmental impact of our work, this new paper provides a higher quality print too!

What is the FSC?

The Forest Stewardship Council are an organisation working to promote the practice of sustainable forestry across the world. They set standards for forest products and independently certify that these standards are being met. In terms of paper, FSC certify the wood pulp is sourced in an environmentally friendly, socially responsible and economically viable manner from a well-managed forest.

This is more than just recycling. FSC paper is typically composed of ‘virgin’ tree fibres rather than already recycled fibres, although recycled paper can be FSC-certified.

Benefits of FSC paper

The good news is this move is about so much more than just going green. FSC paper is brighter and smoother than our current stock as it contains less imperfections. This also means the colours we print onto the paper will be brighter too, making your print even more vibrant than before.

No Price Increases

Better paper from a sustainable source doesn’t sound cheap, so you’re probably expecting a price increase on your print? Well, you’re right. This paper is more expensive than our previous stock.

But we are so passionate about supporting the work of the FSC, that we will pay the difference, NOT our customers.

Using FSC certified paper is win-win, your designs will be displayed more vibrantly and everyone can rest a little easier knowing we are helping to protect our forests.

Why don’t you tell all your environmentally-conscious customers about the new paper you’re using that won’t cost them anything extra?

Which stocks are changing?

All changes to our paper stocks will be communicated via our blog, social media channels and email newsletter, however below is a rough guide of what to expect and when.

These stocks are already FSC certified:

130gsm gloss 

130gsm silk

170gsm gloss & silk

400gsm gloss & silk

These stocks are changing this week:

450gsm gloss 

This new paper goes through a finishing process called calendering which involves compressing the paper using high pressure rollers. This process reduces the thickness from 610μ to 470μ. This means the paper feels less bulky, but is still 450gsm.

And these stocks are changing by the end of July:

100gsm uncoated

120gsm uncoated

300gsm coated

If you have any questions about these changes, please contact us.

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